10 Secret Messages Via Facial Expression That Only Dancers Can Understand

Posted on: Saturday, January 10, 2015

Behind the glorious smiles of the Sinulog dancers, there lies some special messages that only them can quickly decipher.

1. I’m tired but I still want to keep going!

tired dancer

Very persistent indeed.

2. Whooo! We can do this guys! Just hold on.

sinulog afro

Quite the optimistic one that cheers everyone.

3. Aja! We can do it together.

sinulog contingents

The novice that always ‘seconds’ those words that uplift the team’s spirit.

4. Uy! There’s a camera.

sinulog smile
mike dollar photography

Then they’ll flash their genuine smiles with a matching beautiful pose.

5. Psst… What’s the next step?

sinulog dancer

Then they’ll match it with this look in the eye.

6. I’ve been doing this all day.

dancer blank face

They’ll just do their thing and won’t mind the photographers.

7. Laylay na bai! (I feel droopy!)

winged dancers

Of course they’ll feel weak trying to hold their positions for quite sometime — repetitively!

8. Hey people! Dance with us!

smiling dancer carrying sto nino
JayFlors Photography via Flickr

They’ll flash their persuasive smiles which subliminally tells us to be happy and enjoy the festival.

9. Adjust! Adjust!

sinulog dancer yawning

Not too close!

10. Praise the Lord! We offer you this dance!

praise the lord

Even though they’re exhausted, everything will pay off because they’re doing it for the love of God.

Viva Pit Senyor!



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