11 Moments During The Gabii Sa Kabilin That Cebuanos Just Can’t Miss

#gabiiSaKabilin2015 is a fun way to learn about Cebu’s culture and heritage.
Posted on: Monday, June 1, 2015

Cebu wasn’t built overnight by some group of people. It was forged through time by different cultures and races. Well, last May 29 was a special time to celebrate Cebu’s culture and heritage at…


Gabii sa Kabilin means “Heritage Night.”


Cebuanos and tourists roamed around Cebu to once again experience the beauty of the province’s cultural heritage. Here are the things we did:


1. Ride Like a Filipino Royalty


Getting from point A to point B was also nostalgic because the participants were to ride the TARTANILYA!


2. Get a Tour Guide for FREE


Heritage Interpreter Ka Bino Guerrero offered a free tour to all ticket holders. How cool is that?


3. Listen to Cebuano Songs

by Mitzi Ambrad

They’ve got a great playlist of Cebuano-language songs in JRG Halad Museum.


4. Learn about History

cebu during world war 2
Talisay Landing via istorya.net

Bantay-bantay gyud ka because the curators will randomly ask you about your knowledge about history.


(I Can’t erase the memory when some random curator asked me about World War II and what happened in Cebu — and I just forgot what my History teachers taught. Lesson learned: Kung magtuon man gani, dapat isapuso ug dili lang para maka-high score)


5. Food Trip!

Cebuano Delicacy Booths

You’ll get a free taste of Cebuano delicacies. Free taste, free taste lang. Mabusog ra lage ka sa kadaghang free taste.


6. Enter Different Sites with Different Time Feels


It’s just like time-hopping.


7. Take Part in Live Dioramas

Live Diorama

As if you’ve traveled through time…


8. Watch Cultural Shows

Cultural Show

There is a list of these activities at the official Gabii sa Kabilin app and magazine.


9. Feel like a VIP

traffic Marshall

You are secured. Police visibility is high and there are officers that’ll help you cross the street. But most of all, you get the discretion not to follow some traffic signs. Thanks to the traffic marshalls for the special treatment. It’s a special event after all. I think it’s legal. 😛


10. Go solo

selfie at RAFI

Do not be afraid if you have no one to come with you during the Gabii sa Kabilin. Malingaw ra lage gihapon ka. I know because I did. #soloflight Just take a selfie with a nice artwork at your back. You’ll be fine.


11. Hitch up


If selfies are too many, ask someone to take a photo of you or hitch up with a group of participants.


So, are you interested now in taking part of Gabii sa Kabilin? If you were not there during the last event, you MUST join the next year’s Gabii sa Kabilin!



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