13 Reasons Why USJR Students Love Their Library

Ngano man jud, mga Josenians?
Posted on: Sunday, June 28, 2015

Josenian Library ye say? If you’re thinking that it’s just another hall full of books with dust-of-centuries and some nerdy people, YOU’RE WRONG! On the contrary, it’s a hub where people come and go then come back again after a class/meal.

Here are some of the reasons why we beg to stay inside our school library:


1. The Books are Great!


Obvious reason right? But hey, it’s nice that you get to read especially the latest Best Sellers and Classics without spending a single centavo.


2. The Temperature’s Just Right


Who doesn’t love the aircon inside the lib? Raise your right foot! I guess none.


3. Thumbs Up for Ambience!


The place, the lighting, the people — we’re very comfortable!


4. Approachable Staff


They’re very much approachable but strict enough to enforce the rules in USJ-R’s full-house lib.  (TIP: Follow the lib rules so that they’ll not confiscate your ID)


5. It’s Where Crush Stays


Stalking? Hmm… I know someone who knows when and where his crush sits in the library.


6. Digital Library

usj-r CD ROM

Well yes. We have electronic/digital books in PDF and among other formats. Check this out at the CD-ROM area.


7. Internet Access Room

USJ-R Internet Access Room

You cannot use an excuse that you weren’t able to type your assignment because using the PC in the library is FREE.


8. Wi-Fi Pa More

Screenshot 2015-06-25 13.23.30

Everyday is Wi-Fi day at the library with multiple modems (so you do not need to worry so much about the internet speed). By the way, it’s not only in the library. It’s school wide — canteen, classroom, hallway, etc. Did I mention it’s UNLIMITED?


9. Laptop-Charging Area

usjr laptop charging areas

There are multiple cubicles for those who bring their laptop and other gadgets with them. Definitely, there’s NO excuse you can’t do your research.


10. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

Online public Access Catalog

We no longer need card catalogs to search for a book or an author. With OPAC, it’s just a click away.


11. Library Account

library account

This keeps you updated with your loans and their corresponding due dates. If you won’t return the book on time, they’ll text and email you a notification.


12. Self-check System

library self-check system

Never been easier to borrow a book. Just scan and click — then you’re ready to go!


13. SJ-to-SA Runway


Everyday is a runway in USJ-R library. This central path stretches about 40 meters long (from SJ entrance to SA exit). You can really ramp your well-pressed uniform or your OOTD on wash days. #LIKEaMODEL




Josenians, make use of your library fee each semester and fall in love with the library #saUSJR. <3



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