5 Hairstyles That Stood Out During Sinulog 2015

Their hairstyles will make you lose your coolness.
Posted on: Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sinulog 2015, one of the most festive time of the year! Everyone tries to have fun and shine while celebrating the feast of the Child Jesus. Have you noticed how some people did their hair?

5. Machō le Suave

Weird Hairstyle

The Mr. Suave hair in blondy tips with matching the iconic beard.


4. Chessboard and Dreadlocks


These two fellas surely both want to standout and be noticed even in hiding under an umbrella.


3. Whip Mah hair


This guy really did whip his hair at the back…


and combed it well with colors.


2. Green Chameleon

Weird Hairstyle

His jade hairstyle will make you think if this might be Rapunzel’s chameleon friend — Pascal.


1. Grandslam

Weird hair at sinulog 2015
This is Raul Lirin. He’s been doing cool and customized hairstyle during Sinulog for 3 years now.


Pretty spiky top and colorful brows  huh? Wait till you see what’s at the back.

Weird hair at sinulog 2015

Sinulog, indeed.


You. Yes, you.


What did you do with your hair this Sinulog 2015?



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