7 Household Creepers You Must Know Before They Infect You

WARNING: They might freak you out!
Posted on: Thursday, June 25, 2015

They’re beside you and crawl on your bed at night. Get rid of these household creepers ASAP!


1. City cockroach

household pest

You might think that they’re not that harmful (especially if your from the countryside). But dear, you MUST know that cockroaches here in the city are WAY bigger and WAY harmful than you expect. And what’s more, they FLY! *shivers*


2. Centipedes


They’re not just creepy because with their numerous legs. It is also because they’re damn big!


What’s worse? It’s when they bite you! My hand swell pretty bad for 2-3 weeks because the bite caused a lot more complications than expected. Beware.


3. Ants

ant bite

They’re after your sweets but if you’ll mess with them, they’ll taste you too!


4. Bed bugs


Have you ever experienced something like this? Well, it’s the work of the bed bugs.

bed bug

Their bite is reallyyyy itchy. So make sure to make ‘pagpag’ your blanket and pillows before sleeping. Change your covers weekly.


4. Fleas


These fellas are from your cats and dogs. But hey, they could make you their host, too! This happened to me once. I have to use the power of “kalamansi” just to get rid of them.


5. Ticks


Oh the worst in this list! I don’t need to say more. Ticks can cause Lyme Disease.


6. KUTO!

kuto lice louse

If you share a bed with your sibling infected with head louse, then there’s a high chance that you’d get them as well!


7. Rats

household pest

They are not like Cinderella’s cute friends. This is one’s the real life Master Splinter!


Get to know them NOW. They might hurt you or your children.



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