7 Street Misbehaviors That Filipino Elders Show Their Children

Before we complain, let’s take a look at what we teach our children.
Posted on: Friday, July 3, 2015

It is expected of us, elders, to teach the much younger generation what is GOOD. However, these children are surely in CONFUSION because we seem to DO things which are very much contrary to what we preach. Here are some misbehaviors that we Filipino elders teach our children:


1. Pedestrian Crossing

filipino pedestrian

We Filipinos are very fond of making “our own rule” — not thinking that our safety is compromised and we are VIOLATING the law! Dayon ra ba dayog senyas sa drivers nga stop. Face palm! Can’t you just simply walk on the line when the light turns GREEN?


2. Overpass

filipino overpass jaywalking

The overpass is there so that you can cross to the other side of the road SAFELY. However, many Filipino pedestrians still choose to cross the unsafe street even though the overpass is just a few steps away! Galisud-lisud lang gyud.


3. Jeepney Stop

riding a jeepney

There are ORANGE strips on the side of the major streets which are designated to be jeepney stop — a place where you can get on or off. However, some force the drivers to stop in a non-jeepney stop area. Malooy sad ka sa driver ue! Mahal baya kaayo ang multa. Masuko ra ba ka dayon og malapas og gamay sa ganahan nimu nga naugan. Be considerate, friend.


4. Littering


There are A LOT of visible garbage cans where ever you go — even in the jeep. But why do you throw your garbage through the jeep or the car’s window?  Aside form the fact that you are contributing to the pollution and the workload of our metro aids, have you ever thought that your garbage could cause road accidents?


5. Keeping RIGHT When Walking


Kasulay na ka ana nga naa kay kasugat dayon mura mog mag-patintero? In order to avoid that and help facilitate a better ‘human’ traffic, always walk RIGHT.


6. Backing


Every time there’s someone who gets in the jeepney, why is it that everyone moves away from the driver’s seat? Let’s not do this especially when it’s a PWD (Person with Disabilities) or a Senior Citizen. Please?


7. Don’t Just Preach!


Don’t just preach your children what is good and bad. Show them. Be the role model.



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