7 Summer Epic Fail Stories: Expectation VS Reality

Which story can you relate to?
Posted on: Friday, April 24, 2015

Summer is fun. Summer is great. But, the funnier and greater part of summer is recalling your epic fail stories with our family and friends, don’t you agree? They’re more about how things didn’t turned out the way you expected it to be. Here are some of the stories:


1. Someone takes a picture of you and this happens

bikini photo expectations vs reality

Isn’t it unfair when you take good pictures of them but they take a very bad photo of you?


2. Pose! — ahmm… it’s actually a video

POSE!!! But it’s a VIDEO! Either accidental or intentional – this happened to me a couple of times.


3. Zebra mode ON

summer tan lines

Tan is beautiful – but it isn’t even.


4. One, Two, Three… JUMP!


Just can’t get the shutter timing right.


5. Let’s go to the beach

dirty beach

Some beaches are not as clean and beautiful as you expected.


6. Ladies everywhere

HIPON sa beach



7. Summerific body



UNEXPECTED moments will surely make your summer memorable. Whatever your vacation story is, you’ll find yourself blabbing about it all over again… and again.

Happy summer!



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