8 School Hacks That Every College Student MUST Know

College life can be hard, but there are ways to make is less hard.
Posted on: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

College is hard. There’s no doubt about it but you CAN survive. Many have.

During your stay in college, here are some tips that you can use in order not to make it any harder:


1. Obey your professor


You are on the tip of their pen, so be good. But in case this rule doesn’t apply to you, perhaps you should see your Department Chairman or Dean if you really have a problem with your prof.


2. Be honest to yourself as MUCH as possible

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The last person you can fool is yourself. Do not cheat (at least not always). Put in mind that you’re in college to learn and not just copy or memorize the lessons for the exam. There is a big difference between simple recalling and learning.


3. Have a ‘me’ time


People keep pushing you to go ‘hard’ on yourself. But just don’t! Or else you’ll burn out and lose all the fire within you. That’ll be a lot more trouble. Refresh once in a while.

(TIP: Go somewhere silent. Breathe deep. Cogitate.)


4. The Favor Bank


Believe it or not, it exists. We were taught to help others without expecting return but reality is harsh. Make deposits and maybe, just maybe, they could return the favor back to you when you need it.


5. Ask questions


Don’t think too much if you’re asking a very intellectual question. Simply ask if there is something you do not understand.

Think about this: he who asks remains a fool in five minutes. He who doesn’t remains a fool forever.


6. Repeat + Understand


Repetition is the key to learning. It is said that if you seriously repeat something  five times, that knowledge has a greater chance of staying in your long-term memory. Very helpful indeed. It’s just like hitting a replay button on your head, but make sure you understand what you memorize.


7. Ask for assistance


When there are things you are not sure you can do, ask for someone else’s assistance. Learn to humble yourself and accept that your capabilities are somehow limited. BUT you must also acknowledge that you are capable of growing and becoming a better version of you every day.


8. Pray


Do your best and leave the rest to God.



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