8 Times Cebuano Daughters Proved To Their Dads That They’re THE BOSS

Cebuana promdis rock!
Posted on: Wednesday, June 10, 2015

They say that a husband will do everything he can for his wife — well, not really. In this case, fathers do everything they can for their daughters


Here are the really interesting yet common things that Cebuano daughters do to show to their fathers that they are THE BOSS.


1. “Sugo” our Papa


It’s always been the younger ones following the orders of the elders. But guess what? We, daughters, also make “sugo” our fathers. We’re kinda their princesses so we have every right to do so.


2. Dad say’s “Sorry” first — oftentimes


It is Dad who should do it because he’s the reason why I’m upset — unless it’s the other way around.


3. Befriend his friends


Papa’s friends huh? Well, they’re my friends, too! Sometimes, I’ll be Papa’s substitute when he’s not around.


4. Tig-apas sa Mahjongan


Many Cebuano fathers play ‘mahjong’. Since moms do not always have the power to convince mahjong-playing dads, the ‘daughters’ always have the charisma to make their fathers get up and leave the table just by staring at him. 


5. Take the shot


Daughters fiercely take Papa’s shot and pull him away from his drunk friends. “Tana, uli!


6. Defend their princess


Kinsa manang nanghilabot nimu kay atong resbakan?” Chill. It’s just a small bruise.


7. Taga-sundo


Papa let us ride or drive his motorcycle as we let our long hair fly with the wind — but sometimes, he just gives us the best seat.


8. Daughters ‘do’ the demands


We love and hate each other. But in the end of the day, DAUGHTERS are always feeling like a BOSS.



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