8 Types of Zombies You’ll Spot During Sinulog

Ready your ‘plants’ , I mean plans . Waves of them are coming.
Posted on: Friday, January 9, 2015

You will not only see typical humans this Sinulog season because the zombies are also on the loose! Don’t worry, they’ll be here to celebrate with us and not eat our brains out!

1. The Gargantuar

vin diesel as garguantuar plants vs zombies

Oh la la! There’s this chunky fella who seems to be always ready to carry you using his large biceps if you’d like.

2. The Imp

child being carried by a man

This little one commonly sits on the Gargantaur’s shoulders and gets the best view of the parade — always.

3. Football Player

football player from plants vs zombies type
Daily Mail

Shield! Just like a football player, this one prefers to be clad with ‘shields’ to protect herself from the sun OR she’s in disguise. Who knows?

4. Goty Zombie

He constantly forgets that the basic steps are: one step right foot forward and one step backward, while the left foot stays in place. So something like this happens:


5. Balloon Zombie

sinulog balloons
Cebu Daily News

Up, up, and away! He ties his wishes on the string of a balloon and let it fly with great hopes.

6. Newspaper Zombie

Freshly baked news on paper — this is what they like most!


7. Flag Bearer

This is the bossy type! He decides where the group goes, what booths to visit, where to eat, etc.

vatican rally

Be alert this Sinulog and look for these zombies. They’re just there blending in with us.

Keep your eyes open. I’m saying this because the 8th is…

8. Crazy Dave

Well, he is not actually a zombie but he’s the weirdest in this list. He’ll play pranks and tell you that everyone in this year’s festival is a zombie because…

crazy dave

Wait, does making this article make me a Crazy Dave?   O_o



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