9 Things You Do On Facebook That Secretly Annoys Your Friends

My patience is about to run out…
Posted on: Tuesday, June 2, 2015

There are about 30 million Facebook users in the country. How great is that?


Well… not really since some of our Facebook friends just don’t really have common sense and it annoys us:


1. Facebook Game Invites


Ahmm… You can actually play FB games without inviting me. You can just SKIP it, you know.


2. Oversharing


Ahmm… I think it’s not necessary for you to update me when you:

– Just woke up

– Ate breakfast

– Got Beyond Godlike on Dota

– Use the bathroom, etc…


Can you just share the significant things you did? Why? YOU’RE ALWAYS FLOODING MY WALL!



3. Tagging you in a photo


Why did you tag me? I’m not here. See? SEE?


4. “LIKE” Brigade


It’s just fine to ask us to like a photo or a page. But please, do not push us if we don’t want to.


5. You like your own post


Ohh… come on! We all did this at least once, right?


6. Stalkers


It’s when someone digs to the bottom of your Timeline and comments to something you posted 3 years ago.


7. SPAM!


Spamming is equivalent to your neighbor singing the karaoke with full volume. It’s annoying. Please reduce your spamming or your karaoke volume.


8. Seenzoned

seenzoned on facebook

Senpai, please notice me ~_~


9.  Being “BLOCKED”


I can’t even think of a reason why? Are you mad at me for not sharing my siomai?


What else annoys you on Facebook?



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