9 Barangay Disco Moments You Can Relate To

LR gyud ang mang-disco sa barangay!
Posted on: Thursday, May 21, 2015

Since May is “Fiesta Month”, disco parties are everywhere! But be warned, barangay-based disco is different from your typical club disco party because you’ll:


1. Beg for mercy


Young lady/man, you have to go down on your knees before mom & dad let you go to the disco. If your lucky, they’d let you go with certain conditions. (TIP: Go with an elder relative)


2. #OOTD (Outfit of the Day)


You have to look your best, of course.


3. Selfie with “The Queen”

Mitzi Ambrad | facebook.com
Mitzi Ambrad | facebook.com

Typically in a barangay setting, a “reyna-reyna” or a coronation activity is done prior to the disco. The thing is, many would go love to pose with the queen before they’ll dance to their heart’s content.


4. Reunite with friends

Mitzi Ambrad | facebook.com
Mitzi Ambrad | facebook.com

Since you’ve been in the city for quite some time, this is a good time to catch up with your friends who also came home for this year’s fiesta.


5. Drunken Plant


During fiesta, talk comes with alcohol — but some are very witty in escaping their shot. They turn their backs (as if they’ll drink the beer) then immediately pours the liquid to the plant nearby.


6. Safe Zone


When the sweet music starts and you are SINGLE, you immediately grab your proximate friend and hug her. SAFE ZONE! No hassle.


7. Barako relatives

barako boys
amarhal_2009 via www.panoramio.com

When others trouble you, don’t worry, mah and dah made sure you go with your ‘barako’ cousins (with boulder-like bodies) so they could protect you.


8. Smok-e-e-e-e Machine


When the dance starts, some find the smoke machine irritating than artsy. It’s suffocating dude!


9. Caffeine-drunk

coffee kape and pandesal

Well, after the alcohol drink you would’ve preferred to drink something warm before we pass out or succumb into a deep sleep.




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