9 Cebuano Birthday Traditions That Are Still Practiced Today

Badlisan lage ko’g dugo sa agtang???
Posted on: Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh, it’s the birthday of your Cebuano friend? You MUST read this and understand that some of what you will witness in your friend’s party is all part of the ‘tradition’.


1. Chicken blood on forehead

cross agtang forehead blood
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It’s something like what we do on Ash Wednesday.  But instead of using ash, the elders use the blood of a newly butchered Bisayang manok.


2. Go to church


You must not forget to thank the Almighty for blessing you with another year.


3. Light some candles


… and make a wish!


4. Pancit for long life!


Rice and the ‘pancit-for-long-life’ will always be in the table in every birthday celebration.


5. Buakan og itlog


Hey, this is fun! You can also add some flour if you like. Love the cracking sound when the egg strikes your head.


6. This cake


Well, not all the time. Sometimes, yeah!


7. Hotdog and mallows on sticks


Oh come on, admit it! You still do this during your birthday, don’t you?


8.  Wear red


You’ve done this, right?


9. Karaoke


You love this more than they sing ‘Happy birthday to you”.


Cebuanos are very rich in superstitions and traditions. If you are new to this, don’t let it get in the way of fun. Have a great time in your friend’s birthday party BUT learn to respect their ‘ways’! You know what I mean.



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