The 5 People I Met In Heaven — I Mean In The Sto. Niño Procession

A random talk on Saints and wishes then touching the Pope news.
Posted on: Sunday, January 18, 2015

While walking down the streets of downtown Cebu during the procession of the image of Snr. Sto. Niño, I met five people who shared their story of how they ended up joining the procession.


1. The first timer

first timer in sto nino procession

This is Lolo Gerardo Sinajon, 66, from Davao del Norte. He said it is his first time joining the Sinulog and so he pays homage to the Holy Child by participating in the solemn procession. He also explained why he wears a Pope Francis shirt,“Ganahan ta ko nga makita sa Pope pero kay naka-book na man ko dire sa Cebu adto pang October, i-priority lang gyud nako ang Sinulog.”


2. The wish-well mother

mother carrying an image of sto nino

Nanay Lilia Omolon proudly poses with her yellow-dressed Sto. Niño image. She mentioned that red outfit for the image is common so she chose yellow & gold. She had been joining the procession for 25 years! Wow! She prays for good health and that her children may finish school. “Kuan pud, mas importante sad gyud nga magpasalamat ta sa Senyor.”


3. The heir

man carrying sto nino image

Marjann Alejandro, 24, brought a dark-skinned version of the image of Snr. Sto Niño. He says that it was once his father’s. “My father passed away just last year,” he recalls. Now, he prays the Sto. Niño for good health.


4. The businesswoman

Family attending the sto. nino procession

Ellen Robles and her husband joins the procession for the second time. From Consolacion, they made their way to Cebu City to join and give thanks to the Child Jesus. They pray for prosperity especially for their water-refilling business.


5. The uncommon company

sto nino blessed virgin mary devotee joining the procession

Instead of bringing the usual Sto. Niño image, she brought an image of Mother Mary! Lilian Gador of Moalboal, 62, tries to be unique! How cool is that? She has been a devotee of Snr. Sto. Niño for 27 years.  She states, “The baby Jesus is brought through Mother Mary. So, ang pasabot nako sa pagdala ani kay ‘Jesus through Mary’. Mao nga mao ni akong dala.” She also shared that Cebuanos shouldn’t be saddened if the Pope won’t drop by Cebu because after all, the Pope’s main objective is to visit the Yolanda victims plus he will come back for Cebu on 2016.


How about you? Would you mind sharing your Sinulog story? If you do, let’s grab a cup and musgstoria ta!



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