10 Awkward Jeepney Moments We All Experience

Because being too close with people in a too small moving vehicle is not enough.
Posted on: Friday, January 16, 2015

Riding the jeepney usually starts and ends a Filipino’s day. You spend hours of your life cramped up in that compact form of transportation. You’ve had your experiences there – funny, embarrassing, sad, memorable, depressing and whatnot. Well, here is a compilation of some of those instances you could dub “awkward”.

1. Seat extension

cat meme

The new passenger mistakenly (or probably intentionally) sits on your lap. This is harder when you’re too skinny to accommodate him/ her.


2. Head bang! Bang!

sleeping in church

You wake up and your face is just five inches from the jeepney’s floor. Bam! You’ve been sleeping the whole time dodging your head off, head-banging up and down, left and right. You probably still have some drool in you face. Wipe that out man!

3. Fish out of water

father and her daughters

The jeepney is full of people who all know each other and they’re talking really loud. What’s worse? You’re in the middle of it all.


4. Auto speaker

funny singing guy with earphones

You’re on the jeep listening to the music from your earphones. You start to sing with feelings, facial expression, hand gestures and all. You open your eyes and now everyone staring right at you.


5. Standing ovation moment

vin diesel

You’ve just entered the jeepney and yet it’s already moving. You scan the people inside and no one seems to stir. You’re still standing there, eyeing them devilishly and yet no one still tries to move an inch. “Excuse me. Excuse me. EXCUSE ME!! COULD YOU PLEASE LET ME SIT???! Thank you.”

6. Toothache inducing couples


Oh, the lovers. They’re all over the place. Now they’re in the jeepney with you, They’re too sweet, holding hands, exchanging glances, stealing kisses. They’re too close to each other, too in love and together while you’re just in front of them trying hard to not look too alone or look like you even care.

7. Carrying the roof

jeepney ride

That moment when you feel so tall because it seems like you’re carrying the jeepney with you. O, napakong ra ka.

8. Middle man


You’re too desperate to arrive some place that you’d do anything, even squat uncomfortably in the middle of the jeepney.

9. Shout out


Having a conversation with your friend who’s on the sidewalk while you’re inside the jeepney. When you look back inside, everyone’s already staring.


10. Back to you instances


“Kuya plete palihug. Plete palihug kuya. Kuya. Palihug ko sa plete. Kuya. Kuya. Kuuuuuyaaaaaaa.” Okay, back to you -Insert name here-.

And the bonus…


11. The Mathematician

overloaded jeepney

“O, siyam pa kuwang. Siyam pa.” (Three passengers enter.) “O, sikit- sikiti lang palihug bi. Walo pay kuwang! Naa pay walo!”

Truly, experiences can be fun to look back to. Just keep in mind that one way or another, you have caused these awkward moments, so keep it easy.



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