10 First Day Of School Reminders For College Freshmen

Take note guys and gals.
Posted on: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are you almost starting your first day of school? Are you entering the school as a college freshman? Are you uncertain of what to do or nervous that you’d mess up on that first day?

If you answered all the questions with a big YES, then you should definitely read on, ’cause as exciting as it may seem, college is never easy.


1. Bring a book, music player or anything you could have fun with while waiting.

first day of class meme

Although it’s announced that classes will be starting, there is still a big chance that some teachers would not show up, so be ready in case you get bored.


2. Prepare to be alone.

alone during first day of school

You’re in a totally new environment, you’d surely be left with no one in the beginning. Don’t worry. Sooner or later you’d meet someone you could hang out with. Most of the time, it will be your seatmate.


3. Make a good impression.

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This is not only for your professors but for your prospective friends as well. Be who you are. Don’t fake it ’cause sooner or later you’ll regret it. And always remember to smile. It’s the sign of openness to new possibilities.


4. Wear something you’re comfortable in.

pinoy college fashion
Bea Benedicto | lookbook.nu

As much as you want to impress others by your cool fashion statement, the first day of class is usually the time for exploring the campus as well as the city you’re in. This would entail a LOT of walking, so be sure that you’re not merely fashionable but also comfortable.


5. Be mindful of your things.

Ernie Peñaredondo | philstar.com

These are new people and a new place. Make sure your stuff don’t go losing on you.


6. Be familiar with your schedule.

college in the philippines

College is the time when students get to have their subjects on different classrooms and different schedules. So as not to be late or get lost – even enter the wrong class – try to familiarize yourself with your classes on that day, at what time and on which classroom.


7. Get to know the school.

philippine university

Make sure you get to do this even before the start of classes. This would ensure that you already know your environment and would really save you time in the future. Tag along with old buddies, new friends or even seniors so that you know where you’re going.


8. Join organizations.

charitable organization volunteers

Organizations or clubs are a great place to meet people who have the same hobbies and interests as you. Your course or major usually has one too, so try asking around. This is a great way of socializing and having a great and memorable time in college.


9. Get information.

college schedule calendar

Learn which days are holidays (some schools vary) or have institutional activities by asking for the Calendar of Activities, know who your School Administrators are as well as the members of the Student Council, and ask around as to when you should or should not wear your school uniform. Also, learn the school’s Rules and Regulations and even those of your department’s special policies.


10. Meet your seniors.

meet seniors

This doesn’t only mean the older students with the same course or major as you, but even your department head, dean, guidance counselor and anyone else who could help you out while in college.


These are only some of the lessons quite a few older people have learned the hard way. So share it around, and add some along the way.

Welcome to your new roller coaster ride, Freshmen!



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