8 Painful Moments You’ll Experience When There’s No Internet

Ayaw og kabalaka, daghan ta!
Posted on: Friday, June 19, 2015

It’s 2015. There’s no doubt you have constant internet connection at home except for that moment when it’s going potato and you can do nothing about it. Painful, isn’t it?


Here are the agonizing moments of not being able to connect to the internet we all can relate to:


1. Extreme boredom.

julia barretto no internet
ABS-CBN via www.scoopboy.com

Well, this is a given. You can’t Facebook or Youtube and you’re slowly dying of boredom (not literally). However, sooner or later you learn to accept it and think of something better to do, like taking a shower or physically hanging out with friends.


2. Spoilers will ruin your day.

game of thrones jon snow for the watch dead
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Instead of actually watching the new episode of your favorite TV show after it goes online, you miss it out. By the time you’re in class, your classmates have already told you which character has died. Spoilers. It just ruins your viewing experience.


3. You’re back on TV.

pangako sa yo amor powers

Instead of downloading the TV show on your computer or smartphone, you just go back on watching local soap opera. Now you understand why #PSY is always trending on Twitter.


4. You feel outdated.

princess sarah meme cavs
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Today, your classmates are talking about Stephen Curry. The next day, it’s all about Paul Soriano, and you don’t have any idea how or why. You feel out of place and can’t connect with your friends.


5. Missing out.

facebook status update vacation

Meetings? Getaways? Outings? They are now usually planned on social media. Having no internet makes you all miss them out.


6. Unread messages.

laviru93doodle youtube channel

These days, people who don’t have load will just call or send you their text message via social networking sites. Open your account after one day and you’d definitely have tons of angry senders.


7. You call your ISP but it’s always in vain.

filipino isp customer service

You complain, they promise but several hours or days later your internet is still not back. You grow angry with them but in the end, it’s worthless.


8. Not reading this sooner.

robert downey jr

Don’t worry. At least you’re reading this now. It’s better late than never, right?


Truth be told, not having a constant internet connection has its disadvantages, but it has its own good effect as well. The next time you’re itching to go to an internet shop, think of what you’re actually getting from not being too attached to the online world.



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