The Big Winners Of Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan 2015

Posted on: Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another year for the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan ended successfully last Sunday.

The judges had the toughest job since each contingents showcased their performances gorgeously with their vongacious props, and audiences were left at awe as every contingents performs.

But there were six contingents who prevailed – three for both elementary and high school divisions. Here are the winners:

For the Elementary Division:

Grand Winner: Don Vicente Rama Memorial School

elementary division
Don Vicente Rama Memorial School

These guys are hardworking. Literally! Wearing red ant costumes, they represented the ants in times of flood. The lazy ant will not survive while the hardworking one will surpass the misfortune.


2nd Place: Mabolo Elementary School

mabolo elementary school
Mabolo Elementary School

This school wore green and yellow to represent the environment.


3rd Place: Cebu City Central School

cebu city central school
Cebu City Central School

Cebu City Central School won 100,000 as they ranked 3rd.  They can take us up high as they represent the colors of the cloud and the sky.


For the High School Division:

Grand Winner: Apas Night High School

apas 1st hs
Apas Night High School

Although their costume colors were contrasting, their performance was not. These dancers were able to synchronize perfectly with their black and white costumes.


2nd Place: Don Sergio Osmeña Memorial High School

don osmena 3rd hs
Don Sergio Osmeña Memorial High School

These creative bunch represented a Nerdy McDonalds look and pulled it off quite convincingly.


3rd Place: Abellana National High School

abellana 3rd
Abellana National High School

These guys captivated the crowd with their red-orange themed costumes.


See you on Sunday for more contingents that will truly inspire you for their chosen themes!



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