The 11 Most Eye-catching Costumes During The Sinulog 2015 Fun Run

Who’s the most eye-catching one?
Posted on: Monday, January 5, 2015

Fun run you say? This year’s Sinulog fun run indeed lived up to its name. Dubbed as the most festive run throughout the entire year, participants entertain the spectators by replacing their regular running outfits with dazzling, gorgeous and eye-catching costumes. You don’t believe me? Check out the photos below :

1. This sexy woman completed her running outfit with an elegant headdress, no sweat!

Sinulog fun run

 2. This group of runners tried to stand out among the crowd by going for a colorful outfit.


3. While garbed with the Sinulog colors, this runner also carried with him a small image of Snr. Sto. Nino.


4. Some opted for the Maria Clara-inspired dress.

eye-catching costume during fun run

5. How many roosters do you think lost their feathers to this headdress?

 sinulog costume during fun run

6. Run Lapu-Lapu, run!

lapu lapu during the fun run

7. This guy did not only wow the crowd with his costume but he also paired it with the coolest moves.


8. Channeling the wings of a Victoria’s Secret model.

wow costume

9. Another wing-inspired costume. There were lots of them actually!


10. The angel sent from above.

angel costume during sinulog fun run

11. The epitome of a festival queen.


If you think their costumes are fun, witness the Sinulog dance competition this coming January 18. Then you’ll know what fun really means!



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