12 Delicacies In Northern Cebu You MUST Try

Ali, mangaon ta na!
Posted on: Sunday, May 31, 2015
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If you happen to travel in the northern part of Cebu, don’t forget the best part of the trip – Food trip ta na, ala Northern Cebu!


1. Pintos


This is something for those who have a sweet tooth.


2. Masi


Delectable coin-sized meryenda with peanut butter filling. Yum, yum!


 3. Swaki


These are sea urchin entrails and guts in vinegar. Mapapa-OOMPHH ka sa sarap especially if paired with puso (rice wrapped in coconut leaves).


4. Galletas


Biscuits ye say? Try this proud Cebuano version of cookie biscuits. (TIP: Best if dunked in hot milk)


5. Rosquillos


Now this is the better than galletas! This is the best cookie in town.


6. Casajos


If you happen to visit Danao, you should try this steak which is similar to the Mexican “botanas” and Central America’s “bocas”.


7. Budbud kabog


This is not your typical suman because it’s made of kabog (millet)! And guess what? It pairs best with sikwate (hot chocolate)!


8. Tinap-anan

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Sinugba? Sus, try this one and you’ll surely change the way you’ll cook your fresh fish.


9. Kiseo


Who would thought that Cebuanos are also good in cheese making — only that we use the milk of carabaos. Tuo nimo para daro ra ang kabaw sa?


10. Bat


Dile ni kwaknit hah! Bat or balat is made of fresh sea cucumber plus vinegar, onion, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper. Voila, Cebuano BAT!


11. Masareal


Yummy sweet nibbles which are made from peanuts and sugar syrup. They also come in different shapes! How cool is that?


12. Danggit

danggit fish cebu

And of course, our favorite bulad. Danggit pa more!


Which of those mentioned is your fave? Hmmm… Did we miss something on the list? Let us know in the comments!



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