7 Beaches In Bohol You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

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Posted on: Monday, May 25, 2015
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I know some of you are having a tedious summer like me! Ha! That’s the worst thing that could happen to you guys this season, but don’t worry I’ll try to rekindle your summer with this:


The mustvisit beaches in Bohol both for locals and tourists alike:


1. Alona Beach


Alona Beach is located in the island of Panglao. It has a half kilometer of white sand beach and possesses rocky cliffs on the both ends of the shoreline. A half kilometer of paradise! Alona Beach is one of Bohol’s top beach destination.


If you’re searching for something fun other than swimming, the presence of stylish restaurants just along the beach will keep you out of boredom!


2. Bikini Beach


This beach is still situated in Panglao, in the town of Dauis. Bikini Beach is popular among locals and weekender tourists so expect it to be crowded during weekends. Well, who can resist those calm crystal clear waters and beautiful natural scenery?


Also they have huts and cottages for picnickers that only charge a minimal fee.


3. Momo Beach


Just like their tagline: Not Your Ordinary Beach House! Yes, Indeed!

Only a 45minute drive from Bohol’s Tagbilaran Airport, Momo Beach offers a scenic seaside and sunset view. Also, the other thing that sets it apart from other beaches in the area is that it’s an Eco-chic boutique resort. The beach incorporates island beach lifestyle with classy furniture and classy living that you can feel in their beach house.


Even though the beach has class, you can’t feel any discomfort or sense of awkwardness because the place is very family-oriented.


 4. Doljo Beach


Doljo Beach is located near Momo Beach at Tangnan which lies on the same side of the island. The beach is only 20 minutes ride away from Tagbilaran City.

Majority of the place is unexplored and undeveloped, teeming with coconut trees that gives it a tropical look.


5. Danao Beach Reef


Located in the southwestern tip of Panglao Island, Danao Beach Reef’s jewel is its beautiful and scenic reef and wall dive with a nearby access to a family-oriented guest house.


One thing you’ll immediately notice about this beach is its rocky shore and patches of shoreline.


6. Vitamin Sea Beach Resort


Yes! Just by its name, Vitamin Sea Beach Resort is surely an eye candy! Clean and tranquil waters and soft and powdery white sand are just the few characteristics of this paradise that makes visitors fall in love with the place.


And because of its tranquil waters, it is PERFECT for snorkeling and diving. After a whole day of strolling, you can have a fine dining at A Coconut’s View Restaurant which offers you a perfect view of the sunset. A good way to end your day!


7. Dumaluan Beach Resort


A great way to escape the buzz of the city! The stretch of white sand beach with the warm shallow water breaking on its white sands. Even the locals say that it looks like a beach they only see in the movies.

So if you’re planning to take a breather out from the city, Dumaluan is perfect for you!


So what do you think? Jump off to your boats now and explore ALL the beaches of Bohol. Surely this will be the summer you’ll treasure and brag to your friends. Ha!


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