7 Delicacies In Southern Cebu You MUST Try

I’m going on a trip in my favorite rocket ship to Southern CEBU!!
Posted on: Friday, May 29, 2015
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Southern Cebu is full of amazing wonders: Argao offers a lot of historical sites while Moalboal offers a perfect diving spot, especially in the island of Pescador.


That’s why if you are going on a Cebu-centric trip, you should head to Southern Cebu. While on a road trip, why don’t you try having a FOOD TRIP as well!


Southern Cebu offers various delectable delicacies just for you:


1. Dried Mango!


I might be cheating here though ’cause Guadalupe is not technically located in the south part of Cebu but whatever.


2. The Lechon of Carcar


Let’s face it. Cebu is branded to have the best Lechon in the whole Philippines. Carcar is the place where you can find a lot of Lechon esspecially if you go to Carcar Public Market.


3. While you’re in Carcar might as well take a bag of their famous Chicharon.


If you are young (like me) then you probably wouldn’t mind adding another pack of cholesterol on your diet. Just imagine the crispiness and crunchiness of Carcar’s Chicharon dancing around your mouth.


4. Oh, almost forgot about Ampao!


For the hardcore people who don’t like cholesterol, you can still experience the crispiness and crunchiness of chicharon without actually eating it. Ampao is your best alternative.


5. For the sweet tooth, Bocarillo is your cheap remedy.


If you want something sweet with no nutritional benefit whatsoever then Bocarillo is your best pick to appease your urges.


6. Torta de Argao


Now let’s head to Argao where you can find the BEST Torta in Cebu, according to the people of I love Cebu.


7. Argao’s Bibingka!


Not only is Argao famous for their Torta, the municipality is also known for their yummy Bibingka!


I think I missed some more delicacies so PLEASE hit me in the comment below!


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