The 4 Simple Things We Do To Be Happy

My happiness, your happiness, our happiness
Posted on: Monday, March 30, 2015

Happiness comes in different forms and smile is the key to open it. Anyway, we – especially striving students – tend to do wild things just to escape from reality. Yet, at the end of the day we’re still a loser. Well, I’m not taking away your so called “happiness” you just have to differ the right and wrong. You know… for healthy living!


 Hajimemashou, let’s get started!


1. Faithfulness (looking on the bright side of life)


Despite of yesterday’s mourning (LOL) it’s better to shake things up, greet your day with a smile and let the positive energy flow  – grab hold to your passion, TIGHTER!


2. Think about FUN

When that friend of yours, turns out to be the lucky-draw-of-the-day or the inborn-clown or I should say, a friend who loves to share his/her total craziness.


click link to watch her witty moves!

Or hold-back-katawa ’cause you’ve remembered your friend’s joke PLUS you were on a jeepney with no kaila tapos pa-lie² dayun tan-aw sa phone!



3. An Inspiration (BGF – be a good influence!)

It signifies who you are – stand out from the crowd. That simple smile you make, simple words of advice, a shoulder-to-cry-on or the i’ll-be-there-for-you: you don’t know that the happiness you bring to their lives is like a bizarre adventure to the wonderland.

yes you are!!! :3



Set yourself free from any chains that holds you back to move forward. Let those insecurities be your strength to do greater that any other. And being free is being happy.


Being happy is like a life point that adds another year of your life, far greater than money or fame. As my English instructor would say, “IT’S GOOD TO BE DIFFERENT – DIFFERENT IN A GOOD SENSE.”

So, no matter where your happiness takes you as long as it defines who you are then GO FOR IT! Just stay on the right track and always keep your feet on the ground.



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