8 Situations Every Heartbroken Bisaya Can Relate To

Ang sakit bes.
Posted on: Friday, June 2, 2017

1.Maghinuktok until mohilak nalang ka.

Remembering all those times you guys had fun together. The memories…


2. Mag gym-gym.

Kay nag move-on kunohay.


3. Deep sigh.

Inhale deeply. Then exhale, but different kind of feeling when you exhale. Kay. Perting. Bug. Ata.


4. Mag inom-inom.


5. Always thinking about him/her.

“Unsa na kaha iyang gibuhat no?” “Love pa ba kaha ko niya?” “What if ako siya i-chat ako ingnon mag start over mi?” Yeah right.


6. Dagko ug eyebags.

I wonder why? Duh, always crying at night.


7. Mag travel-travel.


8. Stalking.

“Kinsa iyang gi follow sa IG?” “Unsa nga post iyang gi like?”


Breaking up is the worst thing that can ever to a human being. It crushes our identity as a person. We all have our ways on how to cope with a break up. :'(



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