The Kind Of New Year That Every Guy Can Relate To

Sitting in front of the computer and watching these photos…
Posted on: Monday, January 5, 2015

Here in Cebu, there was a NY countdown at Ayala, I.T. Park, and SM. I attended last year’s but I forgot where, and the only I remembered was that it was wonderful. It was really my first time to be under those spectacular lights sparkling through the sky (charrr!).

Right after the Christmas of 2014, my friends invited me over for a New Year’s countdown – which means we get to see FIREWORKS!

Anyway, two of my friends (a professional photographer and a nerd – yes I have to mention that!) invited me to watch the NY countdown. They were invited by Brian Lim (of Pyroworks) over to watch the fireworks display at Marco PoloJust like every other guy who is playing DotA, my response was “meh”. I mean, seriously? You’re inviting me to that kind of event which is just like letting me choose between DotA or girlfriend? (I don’t have a GF)

Like everybody else, I can confidently say that I am not alone, because there many other guys out there who’d rather watch the fireworks display posted on social media sites. And true enough, they got photos of the said fireworks. And even though I wasn’t the one who took these photos, I’m proud to present it to you.

It was like this at first.

fireworks display at marco polo new year

And then the sky was slowly lit.

fireworks display


fireworks starting to fly

… by little.

fireworks display

 Feast your eyes.

new year celebration

 The works of Pyroworks.

pyroworks fireworks display new year 2015

 By the way, they were at Busay when they took these photos.

taken at busay

It was just like I was present.

celebration 2015

So now you get why I don’t want to go to events like this?

fireworks display

So, do you feel me? Here’s the video:



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