7 Negative Effects Of Too Much Facebooking (And Other Social Media)

How should we prevent any harmful effects of social media?
Posted on: Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Facebook and other social media help everyone be connected and kept abreast of what’s happening around the world. Simply, it makes our lives easier. On the other hand,  As people tend to spend many hours on these websites, they rarely have face-to-face interaction.


Social media is defined as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Though it has many advantages, there are also disadvantages that affect individuals and the society like:

1. Cyber bullying and Online Harassment

cyber bullying

If you’re not careful, unscrupulous people can target you for cyber bullying and harassment on social sites. School children, young girls, and women and men can all fall prey to online attacks which can create tension and distress.


2. Isolation

pinoy texting

As people spend increasing amounts of time on social networks, they experience less face-to-face interaction.

“Maypa sa Facebook, naa koy daghan friends.” “Maypa diri naa koy katabi, sa personal wala.”


3.  Friends are no longer real


How many of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram “friends” do you really know in real life? Do your followers really recognize you in person?

“Daghana niya’g followers uy, mu “follow’ jud kaha na sila niya”? ” Kaila  gyud kaha ni sila niya?”


4.  A False Sense of Connection

false sense of connection in social media

Makes it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the numerous casual relationships formed through social media.

“Friends mi sa Facebook, sa personal kay dili.” #awkward


5.  Loss of Personal Identity

kalokalike vice ganda

People are always trying to follow what’s trending to the extent that they forget who they really are.

“Nice lagi ni, mag en-ani sad ko bi.” “Wow daghan syag likes, ako sad bi!”


6. Loss of Privacy

stalking in real life

Social networking sites encourage people to be more public about their personal lives. Everybody’s obliged to post pictures of themselves wearing only undergarments while vacationing on an expensive resort.

“Hala, nganong kahebaw man sila about ato?” Huhuhuhu


7. It Reduces Productivity


Most Filipinos spend the internet on Facebook, scrolling down their news feeds to know what’s up with other people’s lives. This can rather be harmful, especially when they do it in the workplace.

“Unya na  Sir/Madam, nag facebook pa ko!”  #EhDiWow!


According various studies, it’s determined that social isolation can lead to a host of emotional, psychological, physical and mental problems which include anxiety, depression and somatic complaints among many others.

Other negative effects of social networking various people suggested include encouraging poor spelling and grammar, exposing underage to online predators, allowing the spread of misinformation that is perceived as fact, provide a perfect platform for cyber bullying and providing details that increase risks of identity theft.


It always lies in our hands to make social media a worthwhile experience or not. If you have more to add, please add it in the comments below.



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