8 Kinds Of Summer That Students Experience Every Year

Posted on: Saturday, April 11, 2015

Warm weather, swimming and vacations — such events often herald the arrival of summer. What do students usually do at this time of year? Here’s the list:

1. Outside the country vacation

chiz and heart in paris
via www.philstar.com

Students of rich parents be like “I’ll be spending my vacation around the world, oh my G! so excited! How about you?”


2. Travel around the Philippines

around the philippines
darcxed.wordpress.com: Best 5 Places I’ve Ever Been Around the PH

“I love my own country. It’s more fun in the Philippines”!


3. Travel within the city


“Cebu lang sa ta uy, wa pa tay budget daghan man sad nice ari”! Exactly!  #Cebu all the way!


4. Chill at home

sugod bahay

“Nangadto mo og beach? Naaaaaa, just at home”. #sigh


5. Summer class!

summer class

Sila: Yeaaaaaa, summer here we come! 😀

Kami: Yeaaaaaa, summer class please don’t come!  🙁


6.  Getting a summer job

jollibee food crew

Others still choose and take the opportunity to work at this time of year.

“I need money so I need to find a work.” “Naa gihapoy summer next year.” Haha


7. Gym- Fitness plan

ellen adarna

Spending the hot weather at the gym be like “Need to be hot just like the ‘summer’.” #feelingdetermined  yay!


8.  Spend time in social media

social media

Though on a vacation, some people are still hanging out on social media rather than enjoying the moment of summer.

Netheads be like “It’s not about going on a vacation, it’s about letting them know my summer story”. #hmmm


So what kind of summer do you have?



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