Expectation vs Reality: Sinulog 2015 Edition

Posted on: Thursday, January 15, 2015

This Sinulog 2015, what exciting things do you expect? Well, it might be the exact opposite of what will happen. But even that will still be exciting!

Prepare your body. Prepare your mind. Because this will be a mayhem!

Here are some funny Expectation vs Reality pictures during Sinulog. Watch out. You might experience these!

1. Taking a selfie with friends. Or is it a groupie? Never mind!

Going out with friends Expectation Vs Reality

2. Then getting some cool face paint together.

Face Painting Expectation vs Reality

3. Taking a photo in a club during your Sinulog night out. Using your phone camera.

Taking Photo in a Club During Sinulog

4. When you thought being a photographer will not be tiring. You’re dead wrong.

Photographers during Sinulog 2015

5. Going home sober. What do you expect?

going home sober after sinulog expectation vs realty

6. Taking a photo of beautiful artistas.

sinulog 2015 expectation vs reality

7. When you thought that gamers would join the event. Sinulog or Dota?

gamers in sinulog expectation vs reality

8. Bless your wallet. And my wallet.


So, are you ready to shout PIT SENYOR! this Sunday? Are you ready for Sinulog 2015? Me too!



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